Classical Piano


This coaching follows a one-on-one basis for professional learners or children at a young age. As a life-long pianist of the highest caliber, I will instruct you on the foundational knowledge, technique, and musicality to be a successful performing pianist. Piano performance studies are limitless; however, I will always prepare you to be an independent musician. I will also adjust the coaching program to meet your specific needs.

The weekly coaching time depends on your level and purpose. Please email me for consultation and pricing.

By enrolling in the course, you will have access to the Neo Academy community and Classical Piano Coaching community for discussion, networking, and collaboration. Free studio classes, recitals, and performances are included.

Before your session...

Please let me know your goal and experience. I will be in touch with you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your physical location?

Location 1: St. Marks Capitol Hill, 301 A St SE, Washington, DC, 20003.

Location 2: 1901 C St SE, Washington, DC, 20003.

You will study on a grand piano at both locations.

What is your studio's policy?

Please check out the studio's policy here.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on booking a time for your appointment. If you are local, we can schedule an appointment. If you take online lessons, we will talk via Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Meet.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Students would typically subscribe for long-term study, but we also offer sets of limited numbers of coaching for specific needs. Please contact us for more info.

What materials do I need for my online lessons?

You should have access to a piano, a good internet connection, music scores/books, a laptop, or a smartphone. A microphone is strongly recommended.

What am I expected to do for a successful learning process?

You are expected to spend a few minutes a day reviewing your lessons and making your fingers get used to the movements on the keyboard. Playing the piano is like a sport, your muscle needs training.